Coaching & guidance


I have been trained as a coach (StiR recognized: an independent quality mark for professional coaches) and work during coaching – if that makes sense – together with my dog. The training has brought me a lot of knowledge, but coaching is also about using your intuition, and detecting feelings in yourself, because …. “As is inside, as is outside”, which means as much as: what you experience from within, also manifests itself on the outside … and vice versa … You create your own world around you. And that is also a good indicator of how things are going with you and what concerns you. If your life unfolds in a way that you do not want, then it is time to go inside, to travel within. Apparently something is jammed or hampering you.

The coaching process starts with the question: “What wants to be seen?”, Or “What is your request for help?”. That is often a nice journey in itself, because sometimes the issues are completely different than you would have thought. Once you know the issue, you also know where to focus. A crystallized request for help can therefore cost as much as 2 sessions.

Depending on the request for help, a complete coaching program takes 5 to 6 sessions of approximately 1.5 hours each.

Coaching with dogs

What role does the dog play in this? It has been scientifically proven that the effect of dogs on humans is very beneficial: it reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, and they have a calming effect. Moreover, it promotes the openness of people towards their environment. It also stimulates caring qualities. And certainly when it comes to expressing affection, if we have a problem with that, we prefer to work with dogs rather than with people; physical proximity is much easier with a lovely dog, and we directly feel connected!

But dogs are also ‘clairvoyant’, in the sense that as people we often hold up masks to hide our true nature, intentions or state of mind. But a dog looks right through it. So it can be that – no matter how you behave – the dog doesn’t accept your leadership: dogs mirror your inner being and makes the essential visible.


Sometimes there is not a special issue that plays up, but you go through a phase in your life where you benefit from occasional sparring with an outsider. This may be the case, for example, if you have questions about your career, or with respect to relocations or relationships. In those cases a few conversations can sometimes help clarify things. However, most often there then appears to be an issue still in your own “iceberg”, an issue that you have not been aware off before.

Last but certainly not least: mourning. We do not take much time in the Western world to mourne. This in contrast to some foreign cultures where everything can come to a standstill with a loved-one passes away. We sometimes look at that in a strange way and do not internalise the loss. Mourning and processing loss however, is not only an issue in case of death. It is also an important theme if someone suddenly disappears from your life (without notice and without dying) or pushes you away. Also then a few sessions can be very beneficial .

Why Caya counseling?


Eveline has completed various courses and trainings. The page labelled “About Caya Counseling” has more detail about the courses she attended. This theoretical background she combine with other qualities that she has developed over the years, such as, relying on intuition, trusting her inner guidance, and equality in everything.


Eveline and Caya are closely collaborating, and even though Caya is over 2 years old, they still work on their bond every Saturday morning at the training institute “My dog and I: natural leadership” in Wekerom, where the bond between dog and owner has priority over any other aspect.

Location & Facilities

Eveline greatly values a peaceful environment for all sessions. She has her practice at home, in a small village in the middle of the country. The National Park is just across the street. That offers the option of exchanging thoughts with clients during casual walks. Coaching sessions are always indoors.