Eveline Trines

“Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.”
Mahatma Gandhi

When I started with my training some time ago, in the field of coaching and working with dogs, I came into contact with the Schafpudel breed. I was instantly sold! What a heartbreaker! And what a high touchability factor! I met her during one of my first trainings: “Solution-oriented Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)” with Patricia Delorme’s Helping Dogs. Of course there are differences between individual dogs but the alertness, mildness, and the caring character of the breed were immediately clear to me! I learned two things during those trainings: yes, I want to continue with this profession (which meant a career switch for me); and, yes, I want to become the proud owner of a Schafpudel! It would take a few more years – because becoming a dog owner has a lot of bearings on your lifestyle – but in the end Caya was born on October 3, 2016 and at the end of November she moved in with me.

In the meantime I continued with trainings, for example with “coaching children whilst being assisted by dogs” at the training institute “coaching with dogs“.

In the meantime and after my first acquaintance with AAI, I also continued with general coaching training and I obtained my StiR coaching certificate (2017) at the School for Coaching by successfully completing the course “coaching for professionals”. In addition I completed the one year training Inner Leadership. Most recently I have been granted a huge amplification of my expertise by participating in a training called “Body-Focused Coaching” facilitated by Hans Velders. In this course I got to know the laws that guide the functioning of the body even better and how I can deal with the autonomic nerve system of my coaches; it strengthened my ability to assist people to (re) discover themselves.

Because that is my conviction: your body knows how it is supposed to function, but because of the experiences we gain, we lose contact with it, we no longer hear ourselves, and the body and our mind, our soul, go out of sync. So I am convinced that all the answers are already within you, and you can find them again; I only assist you to find your own answers and regain inner balance, confidence and strength.

Sometimes it happens that an experience has such an impact that your whole system gets into a cramp. This can be a recent event (eg a car accident, or a traumatic experience in conflict zones (PTSD)), but it can also be something very old that you had long been forgotten (eg negative experiences in early childhood in the home situation). or at school). Either way, the impact can be such that you cann’t resolve the issue singlehandedly, and that your body continues to show a discomfort. Sometimes it isn’t even clear what causes it. In such a case, it isn’t really necessary to figure out what caused the trauma; as long as it gets resolved. To deal with the issue, and to regain your free flowing body, it sometimes takes more than one hour a week of coaching or so. In order to tackle such situations, we meet with a group of people (volunteers) once a month under the guidance of Hans Velders and use a systemic approach called “Somatrix”. This appraoch liberates the body from deep contractions and lets you grow into your authentic consciousness freed of trauma.

Well, these are a few of the things I do now, but originally I am a tropical forester. I developed an extraordinary passion for Nature at a young age; especially for tropical rainforests. “In wildness is the preservation of the world”, Thoreau once said. In Nature everything is the way it should be, and everything is allowed to exist. With an M.Sc in tropical forestry in my backpack, I moved to the Amazon in the late 1980s, for “development cooperation” living with the Chiquitanos; a tribe of indigenous people. That was a life changing experience! Because where would I have gone if they, well connected with, dependent on and respectful of nature, would not have taken care of me? Because surviving in the jungle … we as people coming from the industrialise world, we are not built for that anymore!

Some 25 years later, after a wonderful career that brought me to many beautiful forests but also to the most miserable corners of the world, my deep sense of connection with Nature, but also with mankind, has only been strengthened, and I am now convinced that everything is One: the whole system earth, including ourselves. But that feeling, we also lost that. It’s easy when clean water comes from the tap, and electricity from the socket, but when you dissect everything, we always come back to nature and natural elements, a system we belong to too. When that realization really sinks in, and you experience that in your whole being, only then living in harmony with Nature, living sustainability is no longer a task, but your Natural state of being! In order to live that lifestyle and to rollout that conviction, I have started the Metta foundation; a foundation that helps companies to undertake their business in an impact-neutral fashion, because ….

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

Mahatma Gandhi

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