Pedigree & breeding

There is a lot to do about pedigree dogs nowadays, and many animal lovers and vets prefer to promote the bastard dog. A noble action, which I understand very well, and with all pedigree dogs breeds with congenital ‘handicaps’ certainly not a luxury. My veterinarian recently said that he spends about 30% of his time fixing disabilities that are caused by this excessive breeding, which is a real tragedy for the individual dog obviously.

Against this background, it might be brave of us to want to preserve the breed. But we do everything we can to protect the Schafpudel breed from vanity-oriented breeders, commercial breeders, fashion shows and exhibitions. For us, a group of Schafpudel owners who sometimes also breed, means we place the interests of the Schafpudel and the puppy-buyer at the forefront of our breeding efforts. The Schafpudel is entitled to a long, healthy and enjoyable life and our puppy buyers have the rightful claim to a healthy, strong and happy dog.


The match-making of dogs is done by an extremely careful analysis of different generations of the ancestors, in which health has clear priority over all external features. The basis for the matching is, among other things, the exclusion of the merle gene; however beautiful, the merle gene is always accompanied by reduced vitality with mostly blindness and deafness at a young age and a shortened lifespan as a result. In addition, only HD healthy Schafpudels are used for breeding, and there is a comprehensive offspring control including heart tests, and mandatory HD examinations. The holistic aspect of our breeding is reflected in the fact that we use homeopathic therapies and Bach blossoms to strengthen the healthy genetic material of our breeding dogs and puppies that supports the individual development of our puppies. The entire team of breeders can count on the support of renowned veterinarians and professors from veterinary universities in Germany.

The ‘home’ of the puppy nest

Since we experience the dogs as a relative and a good friend, the puppies are born without exception in a domestic situation and not in kennels, and are carefully and extensively socialized. That requires a lot of idealism, enthusiasm and time from our breeders, but we are very aware of the high responsibility we have towards the puppies that are raised by us, and towards their future owners. To protect the interests of the dogs and our puppy buyers, we only work with breeders who embrace and actively support this breeding philosophy, and all participants in the breeding program are screened extensively – just like their housing situation – before they are allowed to join. In addition, there is close supervision of each litter from the pedigree guards and the puppies and ourselves are checked for all sorts of things. Also puppy buyers and Schafpudel owners who do not join this circle of passionate breeders, but just want to enjoy a Schafpudel as a pet, we continue to support at all times.